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Advanced Courses

Mean Stack Training Course in Chandigarh

Mean Stack Training Course in Chandigarh – Webtechlearning provide the best training in Mean Stack in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. In this training, you will learn to develop applications using Mean Stack combined programming languages, a cutting-edge technology designed to deliver fast, scalable network applications.

Beginners will start by learning how to install Mean Stack Programmes, and how to work with the Mean Stack framework and its modules.

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Typescript Training Course in Chandigarh

WebtechLearning provide the best training in TypeScript in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. Call for Free Guidance : 9878375376,

In this course, we will learn about TypeScript, the new, JavaScript inspired language by Microsoft. The introductory TypeScript course will teach the student the TypeScript basics necessary for junior workplace skills.
By taking this course you will,

– Set your PC or Mac up to develop TypeScript
– Be able to understand why TypeScript is used to build large web applications

– Use TypeScript’s classes and error checking
– Create and extend TypeScript classes
– Share Code via Modules


  • Solid understanding of JavaScript
  • Basic understanding of Node.js

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MongoDB Training Course in Chandigarh

javaMongoDB Training Course in Chandigarh – WebtechLearning ISO Certified Academy provide the best 100% practical training in MangoDb in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula.

MongoDB is a document-oriented data model which provides a high performance, high availability, and easy scalability. It featured with embedded documents & arrays which reduce need for joins.

It is designed to handle document-oriented storage. It contains dynamic schema useful in making polymorphism easier. Instead of using tables & rows in relational databases, MongoDB is built on architecture of collections and documents. It is featured for modeling many of the entities that are used in most modern web-apps, either for consumer or for enterprise.

What you will learn?

  • Course will help you to master one of the most popular SQL databases.
  • Course is well designed to provide knowledge and skills to become an expert.
  • Course will let to understand, how to design schema using advanced Queries.
  • Provide you with right skills and knowledge needed to develop and run Applications on MongoDB
  • You will be able to develop database designs for MongoDB applications

MangoDB Training in Chandigarh
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(OCP JP) Oracle Certified Professional Java programmer Course in Chandigarh

Java training in Chandigarh

Oracle is globally recognized as one of the Top 10 certification programs in the world.

Since Oracle is the product owner of Java technology; It is recommended to take IT certification for Java from Oracle.

The benefits of Oracle Java Certification are, Job promotion, Role Change, Promotion, Salary Hike and many more..

As a job seeker the Java Certification shows that you have valid proof of what your employer is looking for.

(OCP JP) Oracle Certified Professional Java programmer  Course in Chandigarh

Call for Free Guidance: 09878375376

As a job interviewer, given two prospective candidates with all qualifications being equal one having a certification and one not, the good option is to hire the one with the certification. Do not take Java Certifications for just increasing the salary alone; think about the benefits of new skills as well. Read More

Apache Spark Training in Chandigarh

Apache Spark Training in Chandigarh – webtechlearning provide the best training in Hadoop Spark in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. 100% practical training with live projects.

Apache Spark developer training

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Future Job Scope of Video Editor in India

Future Job Scope of Video Editor in IndiaCareer scope in video editing in india – If you are looking to build your career in Video Editing / Photography in India and have some doubt about the future scope for job and other opportunities in Video Editing field for India Professionals then don’t worry you are in right place you just go through this post. After reading this post you can easily decide what you have to do with your career, it will help to answer the whole questions arise in your mind.

Video editing and camera operating fields, it might be worth bringing up. You see, their most recent results have found that the job opportunities for camera operators and video editors are only supposed to grow by 9% over the next decade. Read More

Final Cut Pro (FCP) Course in Chandigarh

Final Cut Pro (FCP) Course in Chandigarh – Final Cut Pro X is a revolutionary application for creating, editing, and producing the highest quality video. Final Cut Pro combines high-performance digital editing and native support for virtually any video format with easy-to-use and time-saving features that let you focus on storytelling.

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WhatsApp Marketing Course in Chandigarh

WhatsApp Marketing Course in Chandigarh India – WebtechLearning provide the best training in WhatsApp Course in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. 100% practical training with LIVE Projects. WhatsApp is an instant messaging application for the next generation mobile platform, which enables text messaging between users. It is similar to computer messaging programs that commonly exist in the web, with the difference that this one works in mobile phones.

The WhatsApp Marketing Course is an online course for Digital Marketers who want to take advantage of this Niche Marketing channel for their products and grow their business using Whatsapp! Read More

Software Testing Course Syllabus

Software Testing Course Syllabus Download – WebtechLearning is the best software testing institute in Chandigarh providing best software testing training in Chandigarh with live projects. Our training is 100% job oriented. We also provides industrial Training in software testing in Chandigarh

What is software testing?

Software testing is a procedure of executing program or application with the objective of finding the software bugs or to make a decision whether it meets the particular requirements and produces the required results.

Automation Testing Vs Manual Testing

Software testing can be done by using both manual and automation method, but it’s completely depends upon the project prerequisite, budget allied with, and which technique will be benefited for the project.

Why choose WebtechLearning for software Testing?

  • Live projects training
  • Training by experts
  • Fee by installments
  • Training by using latest technologies

Course content for Manual test

  • Basics of testing black box testing and white box testing
  • Testing of software life cycle
  • Static techniques of testing
  • Techniques for testing
  • Test management techniques
  • Other testing types
  • Quality center
  • test cases
  • run a test cases
  • test cases planning

Course content for Automation testing

  • Basics of automation test
  • Designing and execution
  • SDLC
  • testing(Management, Functional, waterfall method etc)
  • Various Script methods
  • Testing through SQL
  • Automation test architecture.

Software Testing Course Syllabus and Training Plan

Week 1

Brief introduction to software systems and SDLC

Basic concepts

  • Basic Testing Vocabulary
  • Quality Assurance versus Quality Control
  • The Cost of Quality
  • Software Quality Factors
  • How Quality is Defined
  • Why Do We Test Software?
  • What is a Defect?
  • The Multiple Roles of the Software Tester(People Relationships)
  • Scope of Testing
  • When Should Testing Occur?
  • Testing Constraints
  • Life Cycle Testing
  • Independent Testing
  • What is a  QA Process?
  • Levels of Testing
  • The “V” Concept of Testing

Week 2:

Testing Techniques

  • Structural versus Functional Technique Categories
  • Verification versus Validation
  • Static versus Dynamic Testing
  • Examples of Specific Testing Techniques

Test Administration

  • Test Planning
  • Customization of the Test Process
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling

Create the Test Plan

  • Prerequisites to test planning
  • Understand the Characteristics of the Software Being Developed
  • Build the Test Plan
  • Write the Test Plan

Week 3:

  • Test Cases:
  • Test case Design
  • Building test cases
  • Test data mining
  • Test execution
  • Test Reporting
  • Defect Management
  • Test Coverage – Traceability matrix

Test Metrics – Guidelines and usage

Test reporting:

  • Guidelines for writing test reports

Week 4:

Test Tools used to Build Test Reports

Managing Change

  • Software Configuration Management
  • Change Management

Risks – Risk Analysis and Management with examples
User Acceptance testing – in detail explanation with details
Case Study: How to test web, stand alone and database applications – with examples.
Help with resume and testing interview skills.

Software Testing Training Course Week 5:

Automation Testing Basics


  • Basics of automation testing – why, when and how to perform automation testing
  • Factors for choosing a particular tool
  • An overview for the major functional testing tools
  • Overview of Test management and bug tracking tools

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Virtual Reality Course in India

Virtual Reality Course in India – WebtechLearning provide the best Course in Virtual Reality in Chandigarh India. The concept of computer simulated virtual reality has existed since the 1970′s but has not yet revolutionised how we interact with one another and the world around us in the way that science fiction works such as The Lawnmower Man predicted.

In particular, previous attempts at bringing VR hardware to the masses have thus far fallen short of commercial success, with video gaming systems such as Nintendo’s Virtual Boy failing to sell in meaningful numbers.

Recent high profile forays into the world of VR technology by industry giants such as Facebook, with their recent purchase of VR hardware producer Oculus VR and Google’s project Glass, point to a shift towards augmented and virtual reality and have once again began to capture the public’s imagination. Perhaps now, with seemingly the required level of hardware power and software services available to include in consumer devices, it is time for VR to make a splash in the world of computing.

If you are planning on studying for a Degree in Information Science, now would be a good time to look at the study options that include VR and how they could help you to secure a role in this exciting and burgeoning sector.

Students opting for this course will be amongst the first not only in India, but in the world and will have a real chance at becoming Global Leaders in a $150 billion industry.

The Diploma in Game Design & Development programme is an intensive 12-month course that trains students in all aspects of making a game from scratch. At the end of the course, students will have the know-how to create high-end 3D games enabled for the Oculus Rift (a virtual reality head-mounted display) as well as for PCs and gaming consoles.

What’s more, this course does not require students to learn or know any computer coding. This is especially exciting (and revolutionary) as designers and creative personnel can now create complete games without the need for a coding specialist or knowledge of any programming language.

Oculus Rift (a Facebook company) has created enormous excitement worldwide with its Virtual Reality device. The Oculus device is at present only available to developers and is expected to be launched to consumers by early 2016.

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