Advanced Ruby on rail course (full Ruby Syllabus)

Webtech learning provide a best training on  Ruby on Rails course – An extensive syllabus to become a Ruby on Rails guru in 45 days.

What is Ruby?

Ruby is a pure object-oriented programming language with a super-clean syntax that makes programming elegant and fun. Ruby originated in Japan in the early 1990s. It has become popular worldwide in the past few years .

What is Rails?

Rails is an open source Ruby framework for developing web-based, database-driven applications. What’s special about that?

Installing and Configuring Rails

In the original version of this tutorial, Curt showed how to install and configure Rails on a Microsoft Windows platform. In preparation for this update, we discussed how to handle the topic this time. We could do the same thing again, but there’ve been some complaints about favoring one environment (especially Windows!) over others. Alternately, we could show you how to install and configure Rails on all of them–Windows, Mac, and Linux–but that would take up a bunch of space.
For Windows, use Instant Rails.
For Mac OS X, use Locomotive.
For Linux, try the Rails LiveCD.

What you will learn to do

By the end of the course, participants are able to

  • Develop fully functional web applications
  • Teach Ruby on Rails basics to their team, colleagues and employees
  • Explain their management what Ruby has to offer
  • Follow agile development principles

Generally, this course is taught on site to groups of 3-5 participants.

  • IT/ web departments in large businesses
  • IT companies
  • Web agencies
  • Communication groups

Course Syllabus

  • What is Ruby
  • What is a framework
  • MVC
  • Structure of a RoR project
  • How the framework works
  • Rails vs. other technologies
  • Development environment
  • Text editors
  • Supported databases
  • Ruby basics
    • IRB
    • Variables
    • Control structures
    • Loops
    • First class functions
    • Methods
    • Heritage
    • Attributes
    • Naming conventions
    • Constants
    • The nil object
    • Arrays
    • Hashes
    • Iterators
    • String class
    • File class
    • Exceptions
    • Finding documentation
  • My first Rails app
    • Developing a project
    • Starting a server
    • Generating sources
    • Main folders
  • Case study: a bookshop
    • Defining a data model
    • Improving an existing application
    • Adding a pinch of AJAX
    • Going further
  • Rails components in detail
    • ActiveRecord
      • Automated mapping
      • Validation
      • Associations
      • Callbacks
    • ActionPack
      • URL routing
      • Filters
      • Helpers
      • Layouts
      • Partials
    • Javascript / jQuery
      • AJAX
      • Visual effect
      • Visual effect
      • Auto-completion
      • Unobtrusive JS
      • Best practices
    • ActionMailer
      • Sending an e-mail (with or without attachment)
      • Receiving and processing emails
  • Advanced Ruby on Rails
    • Instance variable cache
    • Dynamic finders
    • Hash Finder
    • Using with_scope
    • Using shortcut blocks with Symbol to_proc
    • Using content_for
    • Filtering sensitive logs
    • Model calculations
    • Virtual attributes
    • Eager Loading
      • Stack trace analysis
    • SQL injection, mass allocation and Cross Site Scripting
    • in_groups_of
    • Date formatting
    • Date time format in text field
    • Create a plug-in
    • Named routes
    • Using with_options
    • RJS and debugging
    • Contributing to Rails
    • Paginating with will_paginate
    • Using Logger
    • Optimistic Locking
    • Model name in URL
    • Currency
    • Generating PDFs
    • Generating RSS feeds
    • Creating a cache
    • Profiling
    • Handling time zones
    • Using scope
    • Tracking attribute changes

Price and duration

45 days course. Five day classes on week. (Crashed course also available – sat,sunday). Call for fees & admission details.

Contact Details:

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Surjeet Singh,
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+91- 9915337448,
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SCO 177, 2nd Floor, Sector 37- C, Chandigarh, Punjab, India
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