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Android Training in Mohali

Android is unlike any other mobile development platform or Java-based environment. Android Training will immerse students in the Android platform, leveraging their existing Java expertise, allowing students to walk away from the class ready to build Android GUIs and related components. Android Course includes instruction on the basics of setting up activities and UI widgets, as well as advanced capabilities that make Android compelling, such as GPS, mapping, Internet access, multimedia, and on-device search.

Android Training in Mohali

    • Android Architecture
      • System architecture of Android
      • Android Components
      • Android configuration files

    • Android Development Tools
      • Defining devices and Android emulators
      • Eclipse tooling for Android projects

    • Android user interfaces development
      • Views and Layouts
      • View interaction
      • Component lifecyle

    • Component communication via Intents
      • Intents and intent filter
      • Android component integration via intents

    • Multi-screen development
      • Screen sizes and densities
      • Resource selectors

    • Multi-pane layout with fragments
      • Multi-pane layouts with fragments
      • Designing layouts for tablets and phones

    • ActionBar
      • User interaction concepts
      • Defining and using actions

    • Displaying lists in Android
      • Using ListViews in Android
      • Fragments and ListViews

    • Styling and Themes
      • Using existing styles and themes
      • Creating own themes

    • File based Persistence
      • Preferences
      • File and Access restrictions
      • Permissions

    • Security
      • Android security concept
      • Using and defining permissions

    • Network Communication
      • Accessing the Internet via http
      • Processing JSON
      • Processing XML

    • Webservice integration into Android
      • Using SOAP based webservices
      • Using REST based webservices

    • Asynchronous processing in Android
      • Multitasking in Android
      • Using Handler for message communication
      • Using AsyncTask

    • SQLite and ContentProvider
      • Using the SQLite database
      • Outlook: Using and defining ContentProvider
      • Outlook: Loader

    • Services
      • Using Android system services
      • Outlook: Defining your own services
      • Outlook: Definition cross component communication

    • Event processing via broadcast receiver
      • Androids event system
      • Registering broadcast receiver for system events
      • Registering and triggering custom events

    • Notifications
      • Using the notification manager
      • Building rich notifications

    • Canvas API for custom widgets
      • Defining custom widgets
      • Canvas API
      • Outlook: View state persistence

    • Location services and Google Maps
      • Location based Services and Geocoding
      • Using Google Maps
      • Enhancing Google Maps with custom drawings (Overlays)

    • Targeting Android 2.x with compatibility libraries
      • Using Fragments on Android 2.x devices
      • Using the ActionBar in Android 2.x

  • Deployment
    • Deployment Options
    • Markets (Google Play / Amazon)

What You’ll Learn

Upon completion of Android Bootcamp, the student will be able to:

  • Draw your own custom views
  • Use Eclipse and the Android ADT plugin to develop and debug Android applications
  • Build flexible user interfaces for multiple devices
  • Communicate between and within Android applications using Intents
  • Create Services to represent behind the scenes aspects of your application
  • Set up text input from the hardware or software keyboard
  • Display scrolling lists and grids with custom layouts
  • Learn to properly handle rotation
  • Parse and display XML from RESTful web services
  • Use AsyncTask to background long running work
  • Listen and react to touch events
  • Take pictures and store them with the Camera
  • Persist your application’s data using SQLite
  • Use fragments for a modern, flexible application architecture
  • Build sophisticated applications using multiple activities
  • Display context menus, search dialogs, action bars, and other android interface idioms
  • Display locations and paths in a map
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