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Today Computer is getting a 1st rank all over the world if we compare to any other technology, or any other electronic devices. In this fast pace competition is high for students, but 12th pass out student from any stream that is Arts, Commerce, Non-Medical and Medical are  more confused about to take his career because there are lots of opportunities for them like a tree stem, that’s result they doesn’t take a good decision sometimes for what to do.
But if they don’t have a basic computer knowledge that’s mean competition is more high for them, because computer education in today’s era is required in every field from a small organizations to biggest organizations everybody work on it and you also find computer education in your daily life where you work every day that is  offline or online.
Therefore it’s been compulsory near in future that you do own work online yourself nobody be helping you, if anybody do then you will pay him. And today it is so easy to learn computer basics and do your own work without any help. Higher studies are good but if you computer educated then there more opportunities for you and it helps to build a good career, good life and for your reputation. 

What is Computer Education?

In earlier time few peoples are know the benefits of computer and its uses and very difficult for most of the peoples to operate the computer and for understand this electronic device which is very complex. But nowadays everybody knows how to use it and who know operating the computer well and do their work easily that’s called Computer Educated. Today most people’s know how to operate computer but they all not professional today, but do their basic work easily. 12th passed out every student doesn’t know basic things about the computer, and most recruitment forms are filling online everywhere, which students educated in computer they fill their forms own self but others pay to others for their forms and if it is goes like this then in near future that’s very big disadvantage for these guys, because in the future everything online and nobody will be help you and if do somebody then you will pay him at high cost.
12th student Computer education is just not to learn basics, there are more than this like you also know about the hardware and software of computer, how they works in today this field have many options for anybody who interested in computer, many IT sector provides jobs of best packages. In computer education they all come that is Basics, Knowledge of Internal parts and how Software works. You also know that computer doesn’t start without its operating system (software program) which enables computer to communicate with hardware; some operating systems are Linux, Mac, and Windows etc.
Now, if you know about all this in computer then you will be called a fully computer educated.

Importance of Computer Education for Students

Today computers are the part of our life and it is compulsory that you are computer educated, now we live in that world where computers play a vital role at everywhere, all big organizations have connect with information technology if we shut down this then they all come on a ground level and competition ends. This electronic device is the best invention of science ever we use it every day life also our companies, offices, factories, and business etc. The importance follows as:

  • Microsoft Office: It is mostly used in western world; compatible with Microsoft Windows and operating system X, basically it is office suite for desktop applications. It provides many components such as:

MS Office Access
It creates databases and programs to track and manage your information by using Microsoft Office Access.
MS Office Excel
It performs calculations, analyze information, and visualize data in spreadsheets by using Microsoft Office Excel.
MS Office Groove
It create collaborative workspaces to share files and work on projects with you team members using Microsoft Office Groove.
MS Office InfoPath
It design and fill out dynamic forms to gather and reuse information throughout the organization using Microsoft Office InfoPath
MS Office OneNote
It gathers, organize, find, and share your notes and information using Microsoft Office OneNote.
MS Office Outlook
It sends and receives e-mail, manage your schedule, contacts, and tasks and record your activities by using Microsoft Office Outlook.
MS Office PowerPoint
It creates and edits presentations for slideshows, meetings, and Web pages by using Microsoft Office PowerPoint.
MS Office Publisher
It creates and edits newsletters, brochures, flyers, and websites by using Microsoft Office Publisher.
MS Office Word
It creates and edits professional-looking documents such as letters, papers, reports, and booklets by using Microsoft Office Word.
Microsoft Office is used in every where that is office, factories, big organizations or for personnel work, if 12th pass student have this knowledge than he/she easily fill their forms online with editing and many components here for them they also use it.

  • Internet: Internet is that which connects one computer to another worldwide for any method that is gather information, communication anything it’s called as internet. 5 Benefits of Internet for Students are:

Students which comes out of different streams after passing out 12th they choose their related line, but many opportunities for them, therefore they connect with different educational experts through the medium of internet and share their views tells them what they want to do and ask which field is best for them.
They communicate to anybody in the world through internet because internet gives them services such as Chatting, Video Conference, E-mail, or more, they easily face to face contact and share their opinions. One service is Internet Telephone which means students can talk any professional/expert around the world for better discussion.
It stored general information all over the branches of knowledge, and about many subjects its type of dictionary which is very beneficial for students who can check and want to know about something.
Online Recruitment Forms
Today many recruitment forms fill online and for students it helps students don’t go anywhere else or stand in line for hours to fill form, now everything is online and gives opportunity to students start their career after 12th in their interested fields.
Courses in Computer Education After 12th

  • Courses for Arts Students: In this modern era everybody wants to expert in their own field of computer which is beneficial for their future, there are some courses fot 12th Arts pass out students:
  • Photoshop
  • Coral Draw
  • PageMaker
  • Quark Express
  • Animation Course
  • 3D Modelling
  • Animation Film Making
  • Courses for Commerce Students: Commerce is commercial field which is explained by its name, and there are also some opportunities in this field, students also do course which tells in arts category.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

  • AutoCad
  • B.Arch
  • Courses for Science Stream students: Today we use any electronic device is gifted from science, and there are many opportunities for science stream students:
  • B.Sc in Multimedia
  • B.Sc in Animation
  • Bachelor of Computer Science

The advantage of these courses is that anybody can do any courses except science stream professional courses. Therefore some courses are which can do every student after 12th:

  • Diploma Courses in 3D Animation
  • Diploma in Classical Animation
  • Diploma in Graphics, Animation & Web Media
  • Java Technologies
  • PHP
  • MySql
  • Online money Making Courses
  • Advanced JAVA
  • J2EE
  • IT Security & Ethical Hacking


Now, in last I want to tell you that the upcoming future is full of online marketing that can be any field banking, insurance, organizations, online admissions, every job will be online, and you can’t imagine that at daily needs of life be present online by the delivers or organizations. Students also take advantage of online tuitions, online coaching center that you sit at your home and learn practical training also.
Online time of web designing, mobile application development, and operate computer is just a play of child but only at basic level because today competition is so high and in upcoming time for example it’s like that any person run from the fear of left the train and runs very fast to catch it and when he gets success then he feel so tired but a self esteem that he wins, its mean that in near future everybody wants to be success but its not easy competition level according to online world.

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