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Pay Per Click Advertising‎ Training Chandigarh

google_pay_per_clickPay Per Click Advertising‎ Training in Chandigarh to Learn how to Advertise on Google. Know to grow local business. Meet with possible customers who want to buy from you or like your products. Webtech learning provides best (PPC) Pay per Click Advertising‎ Training Chandigarh, mohali and Panchkula with live projects. This Training also included Facebook, Yahoo & Bing Marketing.

Pay Per  Click Training Details:

Training Name –
Pay Per Click Advertising‎ Training Chandigarh, PPC
Teaching Duration –
30days, 3month, short terms, 6 month industrial training
Schooling Timing –
7am to 9pm, Year 2013 -2014,
Education Eligibility –
10th, 12+, students, graduates, B Tech, MCA, Msc(IT), BCA, BE, M.Tech / MCA / M.S.C (Computer Science) any stream
Institute Location –
Punjab – Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali  with near sector 34, 17, 15, 14,  kharar, zirakpur, derabassi, dhanas, new gaon, pgi sector 16, 22, 23, 24, 10, 11, TryCity

Trainer & Teacher –
Surjeet Singh,
Telephone Contact-
Online Contact-, Skype- oli-jee
Training Address-
3351, Sector 15/d Chandigarh, India,

All Lessons:

Introduction to Google Adwords

Study about beginning to Adwords and Adwords fundamentals:
1. General idea of SEM
2. Adwords prologue.
3. Adwords basics
4. Adwords terminology
5. How it Works
6. SEO vs SEM
7. Different types of google Ads
8. Why Ad Positions matters
9. Many ad Networks
10. Charge replica
11. Contextual marking software
13. Facebook Ads PPC
14 How Facebook Ads PPC works to grow business.
15. SEO Courses – Advanced PPC Courses – SEM & PPC Courses – PPC Courses
14. Learn PPC and earn more‎
15. PPC And SEO‎
16. Pay per click websites,blog, banner ads, benefits, bot.

17. Free PPC (Pay Per Click) Training Videos & Resources

Account Management

Become skilled at about account settings and navigation:
1. Navigation
2 Settings options account
3. Value of Time zones and currency
4 Access Level
5. Alerts, Messages, Announcements,
6. How to organize account
7. Account Optimization tips and techniques
8. SEO Training SMO Training PPC Training in Chandigarh
9. PPC rates and click affiliate
10. ppc banner advertising
11. Books, PDF, Videos, business.

Campagin Managements

In this module you will learn in compete training in Adwords Campaigns in Pay Per Click Advertising‎
1. Organizing Campaigns
2. Developing plan for campaigns
3. Creating First Campaign
4. Choosing Campaign Type
5. Location & Language Settings
6. Ad delivery method in Google Pay-Per-Click Ads‎
7. Campaign Status
8. Managing Multiple Campaigns advertising tips
9. How ad group works
10. Understanding Ads
11. Resubmitting ads or display ads
12. Manage Ads data
13. SEO Courses – Advanced PPC Courses – SEM & PPC Courses – PPC Courses
14. PCGI Guide Certification‎
15. Free PPC (Pay Per Click) Training Videos & Resources
16. pay per click software
17. ppc email marketing
18. Learn to earn money by ppc

Keyword Targeting

In this coaching you will trained in keywords and its match types while apply Pay Per Click Advertising‎
1. Advanced and professional training to know how keywords work
2. Keyword Matching Options
3. Broad Match Types
4. Exact Math Types
5. Phrase Match Types
6. Broad Modifier
7. Negative Keywords
8. How to build keyword list in Google Pay-Per-Click Ads‎
9. Know Keyword Status
10. What are Placements
11. Types of Placements
12. ppc ads google
13. Calculator, estimator

Bodgets and bidding

In this section you will gain knowledge of all about Google Ad words Bidding to become expert in google adword ppc.
1. Understanding bidding basics
2. Types of Bidding
3. CPC Bidding Basics and professional level
4. CPM Bidding role in PayPerClick(PPC) Training‎
5. CPA Bidding
6. Enhanced cost-per-click at advanced level of PPC Training Course‎
7. Manage ad campaign budget
8. Avoid a depleted daily budget
9. Ad Quality
10. Understanding Quality Score
11. Landing Page Optimization for Google Pay-Per-Click Ads‎
12. pay per click management

 MCC Account

At this point you will learn about My Client Center and account stage in PPC Training Course‎
1. Managing Multiple Accounts
2. Using MCC
3. Navigating MCC pages
4. About MCC points
5. Unlinking MCC Accounts
6. Creating New MCC Accounts
7. MCC Manager Levels
8. Google Adwords
9. Assigning Managers
10. Shifting Client Managers
11. API for google adwords
12. Adwords+Analytics+Editor+MCC Certification.Call for demo class
13. 15. SEO Courses – Advanced PPC Courses – SEM & PPC Courses – PPC Courses
14. Interview preparation in budget ppc jobes or pay per click placement in IT Companies.
15. Job Oriented SEO PPC Training
16. Complete knowledge of ppc jobs, consultant, companies and case study.


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