Software Testing Course in Chandigarh

software testing course in chandigarh

WebtechLearning – (ISO Certified Institute) –  Best Software Testing Training Institute in Chandigarh Mohali and Panchkula, 100% JOB guaranteed Courses, Manual Testing, Automation Tools, QTP Tools, Load runner and SeleniumTraining.

WebtechLearning – (ISO Certified Institute) providing the Software Testing, Manual Testing, Automation Testing – QTP Tools, Loadrunner, QC and Selenium Training at an Lower Prices with Real Time scenarios and give interview guidance.


Webtechlearning is the only institute who provide  ISTQB® Test Preparation training in Chandigarh Punjab.


Software Testing Course

Manual & Automation Software Testing Course
+ ISTQB+ with Live Projects + Certifications+ Job

Call for query:  +91 9878 375 376, +91 9915 337 448

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Note: you can meet your trainer, get demo class before joining the Course.

100% Practical Training with live projects Experience + Certification –

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Best business after lockdown in India

This lockdown ,is a wake up call for many in several respect.

For the Governments , it’s a war like situation thrust upon them without any preparedness. So henceforth all the Governments across the globe need to keep prepared for any disaster management. Food, makeshift shelters, essential commodities’ and medicines being the key thirst areas.

For businesses people , tables might turn overnight. So contingency plan includinft subsistence provisions for at least two years needs to be planned.


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SnapChat Marketing Course in Chandigarh

SnapChat Ads Marketing Training Course in Chandigarh with 100% Practical courseTraining with Certifications. Webtech Learning is the only institute who provide SnapChat Marketing Course in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula.
Call for more details: 09878375376
Learn how to Grow your business with Snapchat
Millions of people are using Snapchat daily basis to connect with their friends and their lovedones’s. Help them discover your business with Snapchat Ads
This Snapchat course is absolutely designed to help you to grow your brand-name, fame your name or personality and also of course for increase your following or followers and grow your business if you have any.
Snapchat is unique or we can say different in a way from other forms of social media like Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter but that being said it opens up a whole new world in terms of marketing and person to person interaction on their daily lives and work style also.

Reach upto 210 million people who use Snapchat on daily basis.

This particular course has been designed for one reason only and that is to help YOU understand Snapchat marketing in order to increase your followers, increase brand awareness, and grow your business if you are running any.
By the end of this Snapchat Marketing course you will have a full understanding on Snapchat marketing and how you can use those skills to benefit yourself and your business.
We will be going in depth and giving you real life examples that will give you an inside unclose look on how to use Snapchat.

Syllabus covered under Snapchat Marketing Course:

  • Introduction to Snapchat marketing
  • Setting up your Snapchat account
  • Brands that are killing it right now
  • Why you should be using Snapchat for your business
  • Understanding Snapchat notifications
  • How to navigate through Snapchat
  • Snapchat settings walk through
  • How to follow and add people to your Snapchat account
  • What are Snapchat stories + How to post them
  • How to post on Snapchat
  • What content is the best to post on Snapchat
  • How to add more text to your Snapchat
  • How to create your very own unique QR/Snapchat code
  • Using your current social media to grow your Snapchat following
  • Using online influencers to grow your Snapchat account
  • How to get in contact with online influencers
  • Using Snapchat geo filters
  • How to create a geo filter
  • Creative way to drive more traffic (Offline)
  • ways to market your Snapchat account- FAST!
  • Just always keep this one thing in mind!
  • Capturing your Snapchat followers email address
  • Downloading + Using Ghostcodes

Course Duration of the Course:
The duration of this course will be minimum for 1 Months to maximum 45 days.
1 Month course / 2 hours daily classes (Monday to Saturday)
Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to grow their personal or business brand
  • This course is for people who want to use snapchat but don’t know how
  • This course will be extremely helpful especially for entrepreneurs
  • This course in useful for those who are looking to promote themselves as a single personality in fame name.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to increase your friends/ followers list
  • Learn how you can use unique marketing techniques to increase brand awareness
  • Learn how to customize your snapchat code
  • Learn how you can hook your followers into buying anything
  • Understand your business and your customers with snapchat
  • Learn how you can create amazing content for your followers + so much more

Location of the Institute:
You can find us at SCO 54-55, 3rd Floor, Sector 34A, Chandigarh.
Contact Details:
For more details you can call us at 9878375376, or email us at

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TikTok Marketing Course in Chandigarh

TikTok Ads Marketing Course Training in Chandigarh with 100% practical training with certification. Webtech Learning is the only institute who provide the Tiktok Ads Training in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula.
Call for more course details: 09878375376
Webtech Learning is a Professional Institute of Marketing & Strategy; deliver the best quality education to our students. We are ranked as one of the best marketing institutes of India.
What is TikTok?
TikTok is an iOS and Android social media video app for creating and sharing short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos. The app was launched in 2017 by Chinese developer ByteDance, for markets outside of China.
Our TikTok Marketing course is designed primarily for newbies to the tech world to learn more about digital marketing and internet marketing. We have designed various modules for this internet marketing.
If you use TikTok just right, you can introduce your business or product to a huge audience. In fact, TikTok has 500 million users worldwide, and it was the most downloaded app for Apple in Q1 2019.

How Can Brands Use TikTok?

There are three main ways that brands can market on TikTok.

  1. They can create their own channel and upload relevant videos through their channel
  2. They can work with influencers, to spread content to a broader audience
  3. They can pay to advertise on TikTok – it is very early days for TikTok advertising – there certainly isn’t a market yet like there is for YouTube. However, TikTok may become more popular and established over time.

TikTok Advertising

TikTok has experimented with advertising over the last year but has not yet set up any formal profit-sharing system yet. However, they are getting closer to the point where more people will be able to advertise on the platform. They started showing short ads in January 2019.
TikTok Marketing Course Syllabus:

  • Introduction TikTok
  • TikTok Marketing Strategy
  • TikTok Content Creations
  • TikTok Ads Creations
  • Brand takeover
  • In-feed native video
  • Hashtag challenge
  • Snapchat-style 2D lens filters for photos.
  • Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Advanced Tips and Tricks

Course Duration:
2 Month Course / 2 hours daily classes
How do you promote TikTok?

  1. Understand how the Platform works.
  2. Using Advertisements on TikTok.
  3. Promoting User Interaction.
  4. Go for fun, unique and creative content.
  5. Using Hashtag Challenges for Influence marketing.

What is the fastest way to get Tik Tok famous?

  1. Post regularly.
  2. Be Consistent.
  3. Pick a niche and stick to it. …
  4. Connect with other influencers under same niche.
  5. Go live alteast once in a week.
  6. Share all your videos on other Social Media.
  7. Mention your TikTok profile link in your Instagram Account.

Launch a hashtag challenge. 

Another way or one of the best way to promote your business on TikTok is by launching a hashtag challenge. A hashtag challenge is when you inspire TikTok users to create or recreate content and add your branded hashtag to it.
Location of the Institute:
You can find us at SCO 54-55, 3rd Floor, Sector 34A, Chandigarh.
Contact Details:
For more details you can call us at 9878375376, or email us at

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Interview Questions for Salesforce

Go through these top Salesforce interview questions to grab your dream job as a Salesforce professional. This list of interview questions contains understanding custom objects, platform, Salesforce dashboard components, Visualforce, Object Query Language Vs Object Search Language, Salesforce report types, and much more.

  • What is an App in Salesforce?

An app in Salesforce is a container that contains a name, a logo, and a group of tabs that work as a unit to provide specific functionality. Users can switch between apps using the app’s drop-down menu at the top-right corner of every page.

2)    How does Salesforce deploy Sales Tracking?

Salesforce is very meticulous when it comes to recording intricate details like sales numbers, customer details, customers served, repeat customers, etc. Salesforce makes it easy to create detailed reports, charts, and dashboards for keeping track of sales.

3)    What is a Master–Detail Relationship?

Master–Detail relationship is basically a parent–child relationship, in which ‘Master’ represents the parent and other details represent the child. If the parent is deleted, then the child also gets deleted. Roll-up summary fields can only be created on Master records, which will calculate the SUM, AVG, and MIN of the child records.

4)    What happens to detail record when a master record is deleted? What happens to child record when a parent record is deleted?

In a Master-Detail relationship, when a master record is deleted, the detail record is deleted automatically (Cascade delete).
In a Lookup relationship, even if the parent record is deleted, the child record will not be deleted.

5)       What is SOQL used for?

SOQL stands for Salesforce Object Query Language. It is very similar to the widely used language SQL (Structured Query Language), to query databases. SOQL is specifically designed for Salesforce data and is used to query the Salesforce platform to retrieve data. SOQL is used within Apex & Visualforce to return sets of data.

6)    Which database architecture salesforce is based?

Salesforce is based on multi-tenant architecture. The single copy of database is shared with multiple users or client.

7)    What is Sandbox?

Sandbox is a copy for production environment which is used to test newly developed visual force pages or any application.

8)    What are different types of sandboxes in salesforce?

Types of Sandboxes are:

  • Developer
  • Developer Pro
  • Partial Copy
  • Full

9)    Explain custom object in Salesforce?

The custom objects are used to refer specifically to database tables that store data related to company in

10)  How to get the UserID of all the currently logged in users using Apex code?

You can get the ID’s of all the currently logged in users by using this global function: UserInfo.getUserId().

11)   What are the three types of bindings used in Visualforce? What does each refer to?

There are three types of bindings used in Salesforce:-

  • Data bindings, which refer to the data set in the controller
  • Action bindings, which refer to action methods in the controller
  • Component bindings, which refer to other Visualforce components.

Data bindings and Action bindings are the most common and they will be used in every Visualforce page.

12) What is

Trigger. New returns a list of records that have been added recently to sObjects. The records that are yet to be saved in the database are returned. Only insert and update triggers have the sObject list, and records can only be modified in before. Trigger.

13)  What is a Static Resource in Salesforce?

A static resource lets us upload content that is in the form of .jar and .zip formats, style sheets, JavaScript, and so on. It is recommended to deploy a static resource rather than uploading files to the Documents tab since it is possible to pack a set of files into a directory hierarchy and upload it. These files can easily be referred to in a Visualforce page.

14) What are the different types of Collections in Apex?

Collections are the type of variables used to store multiple numbers of records (data). Types of collections in Salesforce are:

  • Lists
  • Maps
  • Sets

15)  What is the difference between a standard and custom controller?

Standard Controllers are generated automatically for all standard pages. They provide you with all the functionality that a standard page contains, such as editing or saving a record.
Custom Controllers can be written by a developer to override the standard functionality that a standard controller provides on a Visualforce page.

16) What is OAuth?

OAuth is an open standard for access delegation, commonly used as a way to grant websites or applications access to their information on other websites, but without giving them the passwords.

17)  What are External ID fields used for?

Certain fields can be defined as an external ID on an object. These can be used in order to match up data from external systems with a unique reference ID. For example, if you need to match up data from an external accounting system to the Accounts in Salesforce, you can use an external ID field to reference the Accounting systems unique ID instead of the Salesforce ID.

18)  Differentiate WhoID and WhatId.

 “WhoID” refers to people like contacts or leads.  Whereas “WhatId” refers to objects. Let us consider LeadID, ContactID are forms of “WhoId” and AccountID, OpportunityID are “WhatId”.

19)  Explain the use of writing sharing rules?

Using Sharing rules we can give an access to user or individuals. These access can be edit access (public read and write) or public read only access.

20)  Can we restrict data access using sharing rules?

Sharing rules are used to extend the sharing access to users in public groups or role. It’s used only when you want to allow greater access to records. But we cannot restrict data access by sharing rule. If you are not using sharing rule the organization-wide-default sharing setting like Public read only or private will be used.
These are some important Interview Questions and their Answers which will may asked from you in Interview round. Hope this information is beneficial for you.

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Interview Questions for Ethical Hacking

In case you’re searching for Ethical Hacking Interview Questions and answers for Experienced or Fresher’s, you are at the correct place. The Ethical Hacking advertise is relied upon to develop to more than $5 billion by 2020, from just $180 million, as per Ethical Hacking industry gauges. In this way, despite everything you have the chance to push forward in your vocation in Ethical Hacking Development.

  • What is Ethical Hacking?

Answer: Ethical hacking is the process of intruding a network or a system to identify the threats or vulnerabilities present in them. This process enables us to fix the weaker areas of the systems or network in order to protect them from persons who try to attack them.

  • What is a Sniffing attack?

Answer: Sniffing is a procedure used by hackers to monitor and capture all the network packets with the help of sniffing tools. For example, this process is similar to tapping a phone call and listening to the ongoing conversation.

  • What the various sniffing tools available?

Answer: There are many sniffing tools available, all have their own features of gathering information and analyzing traffic. Some of the commonly used tools are listed below:

  • Wireshark
  • WinDump
  • Ettercap
  • Dsniff
  • EtherApe
  • MSN Sniffer


  • What is Phishing?

Answer: Phishing involves a process of contacting the target user by email, phone or text message and gathering sensitive information like credit card details, passwords, etc.

  • What is a firewall?

Answer: A firewall is a network security system that allows or blocks network traffic as per predetermined security rules. These are placed on the boundary of trusted and untrusted networks.

  • What is the difference between encryption and hashing?

Answer. Hashing is used to validate the integrity of the content, while encryption ensures data confidentiality and security. Encryption is a two-way function that includes encryption and decryption, while hashing is a one-way function that changes a plain text to a unique digest that is irreversible.

  • What is the difference between IP address and Mac address?

Answer: IP address: For every device, an IP address is assigned. The IP address is a number allocated to a connection of a network.
MAC address: A MAC address is a unique serial number assigned to every network interface on every device.
The major difference is MAC address uniquely identifies a device that wants to take part in a network while the IP address uniquely defines a connection of a network with an interface of a device

  • What is SQL injection?

Answer: Sql injections is a web hacking technique used to destroy a database. It executes malicious SQL statements and controls a database server behind a web application. Hackers make use of these statements to bypass the security measures of the application.

  • Why hackers use a keylogger?

Answer: Keylogger is a basic tool used by software companies to troubleshoot and check if there are any technical problems on their network or systems. But, hackers use these keyloggers to track the keystrokes of the user and gain access to their sensitive information.

  • What is Cryptojacking?

Answer: Malicious crypto mining or Cryptojacking is a type of online threat which uses the machine resources to mine forms of digital money known as cryptocurrency. This process can be carried out on a mobile device or on a computer.

  • Explain what is Network Sniffing?

A network sniffer monitors data flowing over computer network links. By allowing you to capture and view the packet level data on your network, sniffer tool can help you to locate network problems. Sniffers can be used for both stealing information off a network and also for legitimate network management.

  • What is Mac Flooding?

Mac Flooding is a technique where the security of given network switch is compromised. In Mac flooding the hacker or attacker floods the switch with large number of frames, then what a switch can handle. This make switch behaving as a hub and transmits all packets at all the ports. Taking the advantage of this the attacker will try to send his packet inside the network to steal the sensitive information.

  • Explain what is Pharming and Defacement?

Pharming: In this technique the attacker compromises the DNS ( Domain Name System) servers or on the user computer so that traffic is directed to a malicious site
Defacement: In this technique the attacker replaces the organization website with a different page.  It contains the hackers name, images and may even include messages and background music

  • What do you mean by exploitation?

Answer. Exploitation is a part of programmed software or script that allows hackers to gain control over the targeted system/network and exploit its vulnerabilities. Mostly hackers use scanners like OpenVAS, Nessus, etc., to find these vulnerabilities.

  • What is defacement?

Answer. Defacement is an attack in which the hacker changes the visual appearance of a web page or website. The attacker replaces the firm’s site with the alternate page or sometimes opposite to the text of the website.

  • What is MIB?

Answer: Management Information Base(MIB) is a group of network objects which are manageable. These objects are a logical form of Physical networking components which are Simple Network Management Protocol(SNMP) Enabled. MIB’s store information about software versions, available storage disk space, IP address or port number.

  • What is ARP poisoning?

Answer. ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) poisoning is also known as ARP spoofing or ARP Poison routing. It is a form of attack where the attacker changes the MAC (Media Access Control) address and attacks the ethernet LAN network by changing the target computer’s ARP cache with forged requests and reply packets.

  • What is a Script kiddie?

Answer: A script kiddie is someone who lacks basic skills of programming knowledge and makes use of a simple software to perform an attack on a computer.

  • Explain what is NTP?

To synchronize clocks of networked computers, NTP (Network Time Protocol) is used.  For its primary means of communication UDP port 123 is used.  Over the public internet NTP can maintain time to within 10 milliseconds.

  • What is a Bot?

Answer: A bot is a script/program/software created to attack faster than humans.

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Interview Questions for Data Science

In this Data Science Interview Questions blog, we are going to introduce you to the most frequently asked questions on Data Science, Analytics and Machine Learning interviews. This article is the perfect guide for you to learn all the concepts required to clear a Data Science interview. To get in-depth knowledge on Data Science.
Before moving ahead, you may go through the recording of Data Science Interview Questions where our instructor has shared his experience and expertise that will help you to crack any Data Science.

  1. What is Data Science?

Data Science is a blend of various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles with the goal to discover hidden patterns from the raw data.

  1. What is Selection Bias?

Selection bias is a kind of error that occurs when the researcher decides who is going to be studied. It is usually associated with research where the selection of participants isn’t random. It is sometimes referred to as the selection effect. It is the distortion of statistical analysis, resulting from the method of collecting samples. If the selection bias is not taken into account, then some conclusions of the study may not be accurate.

  1. What are the different kernels functions in SVM?

There are four types of kernels in SVM.

  • Linear Kernel
  • Polynomial kernel
  • Radial basis kernel
  • Sigmoid kernel


  1. What is pruning in Decision Tree?

When we remove sub-nodes of a decision node, this process is called pruning or opposite process of splitting.

  1. Python or R – Which one would you prefer for text analytics?

The best possible answer for this would be Python because it has Pandas library that provides easy to use data structures and high performance data analysis tools.

  1. What are Recommender Systems?

A subclass of information filtering systems that are meant to predict the preferences or ratings that a user would give to a product. Recommender systems are widely used in movies, news, research articles, products, social tags, music, etc.

  1. What is Linear Regression?

Linear regression is a statistical technique where the score of a variable Y is predicted from the score of a second variable X. X is referred to as the predictor variable and Y as the criterion variable.

  1. What is the difference between machine learning and deep learning?

Machine learning:
Machine learning is a field of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning can be categorised in following three categories.

  • Supervised machine learning,
  • Unsupervised machine learning,
  • Reinforcement learning

Deep learning:
Deep Learning is a sub field of machine learning concerned with algorithms inspired by the structure and function of the brain called artificial neural networks.

  1. What is TF/IDF vectorization ?

tf–idf is short for term frequency–inverse document frequency, is a numerical statistic that is intended to reflect how important a word is to a document in a collection or corpus. It is often used as a weighting factor in information retrieval and text mining. The tf-idf value increases proportionally to the number of times a word appears in the document, but is offset by the frequency of the word in the corpus, which helps to adjust for the fact that some words appear more frequently in general.

  1. Do gradient descent methods always converge to same point?

No, they do not because in some cases it reaches a local minima or a local optima point. You don’t reach the global optima point. It depends on the data and starting conditions.

  1. What is an Eigenvalue and Eigenvector?

Eigenvectors are used for understanding linear transformations. In data analysis, we usually calculate the eigenvectors for a correlation or covariance matrix. Eigenvectors are the directions along which a particular linear transformation acts by flipping, compressing or stretching. Eigenvalue can be referred to as the strength of the transformation in the direction of eigenvector or the factor by which the compression occurs.

  1. What is ‘Naive’ in a Naive Bayes ?

The Naive Bayes Algorithm is based on the Bayes Theorem. Bayes’ theorem describes the probability of an event, based on prior knowledge of conditions that might be related to the event.

  1. What is Systematic Sampling?

Systematic sampling is a statistical technique where elements are selected from an ordered sampling frame. In systematic sampling, the list is progressed in a circular manner so once you reach the end of the list, it is progressed from the top again. The best example of systematic sampling is equal probability method.

  1. Explain cross-validation.

Cross-validation is a model validation technique for evaluating how the outcomes of statistical analysis will generalize to an Independent dataset. Mainly used in backgrounds where the objective is forecast and one wants to estimate how accurately a model will accomplish in practice.
The goal of cross-validation is to term a data set to test the model in the training phase (i.e. validation data set) in order to limit problems like overfitting and get an insight on how the model will generalize to an independent data set.

  1. What is the Supervised Learning?

Supervised learning is the machine learning task of inferring a function from labeled training data. The training data consist of a set of training examples.
Algorithms: Support Vector Machines, Regression, Naive Bayes, Decision Trees, K-nearest Neighbor Algorithm and Neural Networks

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Edius Video Editing Training Course in Chandigarh

EDIUS -training-course

Edius video editing training

Edius Training Course in Chandigarh – WebtechLearning is the only instiute who provide the Edius Software training for video editing / film editing. we provide 100% practical training with certification.

Call for free demo class: 09878375376

This course is designed to take you through the basics of editing with EDIUS. We will deal with the following
An overview of the interface, capture, editing – include various ways of trimming, common keyboard short cuts, the importance of understanding insert and overwrite modes, basic titles and effects, export to DVD/Blu-ray.
What is Edius Software?
EDIUS 9 is THE most versatile and fastest nonlinear editing software available. With more creative options and real-time, no-render editing of all popular SD, HD and even 4K and HDR formats, EDIUS 9 is THE most versatile and fastest nonlinear editing software available. (more…)

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Diploma in Digital Marketing in Chandigarh

Digital Marketing – The most popular name these days, everyone has a bit knowledge about it. There are so many colleges, universities and even institutes, academies who are providing crash courses degrees in this course. But digital marketing is very wide area no one who is not in this field can provide its detailed information about it. So here we in this article will talk about the Diploma in digital marketing in ChandigarhDiploma in Digital Marketing in Chandigarh.
If you guys are looking for the diploma courses in digital marketing, then you should be aware regarding that course also. You should know about the things which is related to this course which is also its part.
So let’s discuss about the modules that is related to digital marketing and that going to be covered in this course:
Module1: Digital Marketing concepts
First of all, you should have proper knowledge about the digital marketing concepts like how it will work, what is included in it and what are the major parts of digital marketing.
As we all know that digital marketing is the process of promoting and advertising the any brand or business on the digital platform, you can promote it on Google ranking, on Social Media, through Paid ADS and also there are another method. If you are adopting this diploma course, then you will to know out of it and learn the basic techniques to apply it.
Main important rules that are going to covered in this your diploma course in SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, PPC, ORM, Email Marketing etc.
Module2: Website Designing Concepts
So the most important thing after Digital marketing is Website Designing, you need at least one website over which you can implement that digital marketing concepts.
So for website creation you will understand the language like HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript otherwise you can go for CMS like WordPress etc., because these days most of the website are build up on WordPress. So you can learn these custom build CMS.
Module3: Video Editing Concepts
After website designing concepts next main thing come that is videos, yeah video editing is also plays a main role to the digital marketing filed, because to whomever you are promoting your services customer, needs visual content so it may Leeds to video editing concepts.
So for video editing you need to know at least one software on which you can edit the raw clips and images, so if you taking this diploma in digital marketing then surely you will come to know about one software that will help you edit the videos on your way.
Basically if we talk about some software then there are mainly two software are most popular these days one is Adobe premiere – it will work for only for Window users, and Final Cut Pro – It will only work for Mac Users.
So, guys if you are looking for this diploma in digital marketing in chandigarh, then Webtech Learning is the best institute for this diploma course. it will provide you a 6 months’ diploma course in video editing in chandigarh and trained in you a very high scale, and also provide you 100% job assistance in chandigarh as well.
For more information, you can check the below contact details:
Contact numbers: 9878375376, 7347392745
Email Address:
Location Address: SCO 54-55, 3rd Floor, Sector 34 A, Chandigarh.

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Diploma in Web Designing in Chandigarh

Today’s world is all surrounded by the new IT trends, everyone is thinking and switching their careers in Computers field, no one these days are interested in doing degrees and all. So today in this article we are going to discuss and share with you guys one diploma or crash course we can say in Website Designing, which will directly help you in building your career as IT professional. So, let’s come and know more about the Diploma in web designing in Chandigarh.
If you have done 10th or at least 12th and you have creative skills in built in you and have imaginative mind, then no doubt you can choose this diploma in web designing. In this diploma course you will learn things related to the website designing and all, so let’s discuss about the course content.
Diploma in Web Designing in Chandigarh
Well, as we all know that website designing is the combination of lots of things like Graphics, Media, Videos, images, vectors and all. So if you adopt this diploma course then you will learn all the basics to advance concepts related to website designing.
So, lets discuss about the modules of website designing:
Module1: Graphics Designing
In your Graphic Designing course you will learn some software to edit, creating logos, banners, graphics, creatives. Mostly which software used to create and editing the images are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Corel Draw.
By using these software, you will learn how you can edit the images, create the logos, banners. You can also learn how to play with the tools in a proficient manner.
Module2: Web Designing & Creation
After this phase you will learn how to design mockup’s or samples of the website, you will come to know that how you can convert that mockup’s in to browsers, using scripting languages like HTML, CSS, Jquery, javaScript
In this latest world new languages are HTML5, CSS3, in this you will get to know that how to use media elements like Audios, Videos, YouTube Videos in to your webpage and in CSS3 you will learn 2D, 3D transitions & transformations and Animations also.
Module3: Basics of Digital Marketing Techniques (SEO, SMO)
Last thing that we need after designing the website, how to promote that website or basically advertise that website on internet or this digital world.
So for this there is the concept of digital marketing, you need to aware about creative content rules for your website, you should have idea how to promote your website on Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and all.
So in this module you will learn about the tactics of digital marketing which will give an idea that how can promote your website on Internet.
So basically each module, will take at least 2 months to complete then it will complete duration of 6 months.
If you are in Chandigarh and looking for some institute that will provide you diploma course in website designing, then join Webtech Learning Academy it will provide you complete knowledge about the website designing course and its modules. Webtech Learning is one of the best institute that is providing these Diploma Courses in above given knowledge for job oriented even, they will also assist you in placement after completing the diploma.
For more information, you can check the below contact details:
Contact numbers: 9878375376, 7347392745
Email Address:
Location Address: SCO 54-55, 3rd Floor, Sector 34 A, Chandigarh.

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