Future Scope of Cloud computing in India

What is the Future Scope of Cloud computing in India?

Evolution of Cloud Computing:

To know about the future of anything where we are going, it always help to look where u’ve come from.

Though many people tout, “ Cloud computing as the next big thing”, the idea is almost as old as the computer itself. The concept was born in the 1960s from the ideas of pioneers and the Flash forward to 1997, Within just a few years, companies began switching from hardware to cloud services because they were attracted to benefits like a reduction in capital costs as well as an easing in IT staffing issues.  

What are the Upcoming Job Opportunities in Cloud Computing in 2016 ?

Cloud computing has come a long way since its inception, when Amazon was still only known for selling books and movies, MySpace was considered “cloud,” and experts argued on the true definition of Cloud Computing– though the latter can still be true.
There is a wealth of chatter and hype around the cloud right now, especially as more startups continue to go public.
With most new software being built for cloud from the outset, it is predicted that by 2016 over a quarter of all applications (around 48 million) will be available on the cloud.

Cloud Computing is the latest technology that will make life easier for people in organisations dealing with huge amounts of data and information. Today institutions, both government and private, invest a great deal in maintaining servers to store that information. However, not all of this data is accessed frequently. 

It uses remote servers to store and maintain data for clients who can access it when they need to. You don’t need software or a server for this; all a consumer requires is an internet connection to start sending emails. The server and email management software is on a ‘cloud drive’ on the internet and is managed by service providers like Yahoo, and Google.

Since cloud services has a huge potential, the demand for professionals will be equally high in the coming years. A career in cloud computing is one of the new career options in the IT sector which has bright job prospects. Cloud computing technology is all set to revolutionize the IT industry in India as well as abroad, and also the lives of people working with it.

Eligibility for Cloud Computing  : Those with degree in engineering, computer science, electronics & communication or related field can enter the field easily. Knowledge of experience with technologies such as Java, Web services is required.

Many Private institutes provide certification courses in Cloud Computing  aiming to train cloud architects and cloud computing professionals for the near future. Personal skills required in this field include problem-solving skills, communication skills, ability to work as a team or team management skill, project management skills etc. They should be able to develop innovative ideas.

Cloud Computing Job Salary :  Any one can enter the field by attending cloud computing training programmes available at various Institutes and workshops. Some of the jobs in Cloud computing field are that of cloud architects, cloud developers and cloud security specialists. Those with training and experience can find employment with Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Google, Hewlett Packard and many more.
Salary levels will be equally impressive. An entry-level professional, perhaps with 5-6 years of experience, can earn around 12-19 lakh;  while a mid-level executive will get around 20 lakh. People with 10-15 years experience can hope to get 30 lakh or more.

For those who want to upgrade their skills, the options are, however, limited. For their staff, IT companies themselves are providing training and certificate courses  are offered by WebtechLearning-Web education academy and Problab technologies in Chandigarh, among others.

PS: Thus, it’s pretty clear that India has a high potential to offer much better opportunities in Cloud. Also, the way both the private and government players are taking initiatives, and the pace at which the IT professionals and entrepreneurs are making use of this technology, the scope in the future is going to be immense.

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