Gauarv Sethi Case Study – Web Designing Course


Mr. Gaurav Sethi

Website Designer Industrial Trainee

Hello, myself Gaurav Sethi. Basically I am from Yamunanagar (State:Haryana) & currently I am per-suing my Bachelor’s degree in Technology of Computer Science from KUK (Kurukshetra University).


Before coming to WebtechLearning I was so confused that what will I do in my future and from where I should I start, As there was a period of industrial training suggested by Colleges and University so I came to the decision of searching the institutes from where I can per-sue my training and which technology is better for me. Then I visited in mohali in 2-3 companies & there I took a demo classes but the demo class was not so amazing so I tried an another company/institute on an internet because I want to do something different then my other friends.

I want to learn something in a fully professional manner that after completion of it, I will be able to work for IT company and earn something  before completion of my bachelor’s degree (the main aim of Gaurav Sethi,  as he wants to achieve something on his own with parallel to his studies).

Then I found WebtechLearning- Web education academy in Chandigarh and I met with Mr. Surjeet Thakur (Sir) and he told me about the total course & its benefits, also motivated me to do training in Website designing because after that I can do job also in any IT company or also can do work from home as a freelancer.

I am also suffering from financial problem. My financial problem is very critical & and I am a physically disabled person from both legs and freelancing home work is better for me. One more thing about WebtechLearning when I reached at WebtechLearning Mr, Surjeet Sir said that your industrial training fee stucture is totally free without saying anything about me.

I was so surprised that time.
Thanks! So much sir, for helping  me by providing a lot, really I learned a lot from WebtechLearning.

How was the Demo Classes ?

When I did attend 1st demo class in WebtechLearning the demo class was superb. I have no any idea earlier regarding how it will help me. As before coming here I didn’t have much more knowledge about technical skills but after Learning Website designing from WebtechLearning,  a lot of skills are improved now  like how to design websites templates and how to I should take color combination in websites and many other concepts of Website designing. And now I can create an awesome and effective visual identities for companies of all sizes around the globe & can do work with live projects.

My aim in life is to be a Professionally Website Designer.


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