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How to get on First page of Google Search

If you want to your website or Articles Get on the First Page of Google search results – There are only two ways to achieve that goal. 

  1. Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)
  2. Pay Per Click (PPC)

Year 2014 -15 Google dominate the other search engine like Yahoo, Bing etc for best search results. Today 94% people search on their product and queries on Google itself. Everybody wants to comes on Google first page search results. If your website land in first page of Google search you get unlimited traffic and revenue, Coming on first page is the best way to get free traffic from search engine.

Now the main questions is how to get on the First page of Google. All website owners / webmasters and SEO Companies SEO experts know the main reason of coming  top of any search  engine. Its called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Its is manually ways to optimization your web page according to search engine policy and terms. you can add best tips and tricks on your website web page to increase your page quality score and authority.


The main game of Get First Search Results are Page Quality Score and Page Authority. see how it works


What is Search Engine Optimizations?

Search engine optimizations are the best way to improve your website on page code and structure for Search Engine (Google). When you start working on on page optimizations you add keywords on  meta tags, Descriptions, add img tags and keywords phrases OR implemented H1 to H6 Tags strategy.


Top tips to get first page of Google search results


 KML Strategy :

Keywords + Meaning + Locations – KML is a group of keywords and their meaning and particular locations. KML help to get top search results in multiple queries.

phrases / Keyword  Research:

When you start writing for website / blog first you make a plan for a content writing unless you know which phrases or keywords you are targeting. Keyword research is one of the most valuable and best ROI activities in SEO. Google provide the Keyword Planner tools its totally free of cost. its help to find the accurate keywords for your search terms.


Website Structure Design: 

One of the most basic search engine techniques is using best optimization website code structures.  Well Optimized Site structures is important for natural SEO and Site indexation. A well planned Website Structure imporves website ranking and site load speed.


Link Tree Structures:

Link structures play a very important role on Natural SEO. There are three types of link tree structures:

  1. Positive Link Structure
  2. Negtive Link Structres
  3. Interlinking Structures

Heading Tag Strategy:

Content heading tags H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 are very important for Content strategy. You use H1 – Single time, H2 Tags – Two times, H3 – Three times, H4 – four times, H5 – five times, H6- six times in a single web page. Heading Tags play a trigger role for Google crawler to indicate which content is important.
Content Writing Strategy: 

The massive experience of writing helps them to writing article for search engine. But everybody doing the same thing. Its very important Please – Don’t write for search enigne? You should write for your end users. Make a lovly story – with heading, bullet points and benefits etc.

Rich Content writing:

Rich Content writing and creations is new era for SEO. Search Engine loving Rich content. Rich content can be a Video, Audio, Info-graphics, PPT, PDF etc. Three ways to use Rich content on your web page.. through linking, embed code, etc

How to Use Rich Content:

  1. Research the topics
  2. Creations of Rich Content
  3. Measurements


NAP Stands for – NAME , ADDRESS, PHONE – NAP play a very important role in Content Strategy for Search Engine. Its help to improve your page quality score and authority.
Quality back links:

If you really wants to get first page on Google Search results then use a quality back links from other websites. But the niche should be same on that website. you can also implements back link strategy in your inner pages. Its really help to get top results on search results.
Social sharing:

Social sharing play a very important role for top search ranking. Social sharing engagement can boost your website ranking 30% of search engine results. You can share your post and articles on these top social share networks like: facebook,  google+, twiiter, pinterest etc.

Regular Content Updates:

Always keep your content fresh, if you regular update your content Google loves you and give you best search results. so always keep your content fresh – add some points , deletes some points. ads new contents on same articles.


At last, If you really want your web page get first page on Google search results make & analyze your content strategy and invest much time to achieve that goal. Get top rank in Google is not a big task. Have patience and do hard work continuously. 🙂


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