Virtual Reality Course in India

Virtual Reality Course in India – WebtechLearning provide the best Course in Virtual Reality in Chandigarh India. The concept of computer simulated virtual reality has existed since the 1970′s but has not yet revolutionised how we interact with one another and the world around us in the way that science fiction works such as The Lawnmower Man predicted.

In particular, previous attempts at bringing VR hardware to the masses have thus far fallen short of commercial success, with video gaming systems such as Nintendo’s Virtual Boy failing to sell in meaningful numbers.

Recent high profile forays into the world of VR technology by industry giants such as Facebook, with their recent purchase of VR hardware producer Oculus VR and Google’s project Glass, point to a shift towards augmented and virtual reality and have once again began to capture the public’s imagination. Perhaps now, with seemingly the required level of hardware power and software services available to include in consumer devices, it is time for VR to make a splash in the world of computing.

If you are planning on studying for a Degree in Information Science, now would be a good time to look at the study options that include VR and how they could help you to secure a role in this exciting and burgeoning sector.

Students opting for this course will be amongst the first not only in India, but in the world and will have a real chance at becoming Global Leaders in a $150 billion industry.
The Diploma in Game Design & Development programme is an intensive 12-month course that trains students in all aspects of making a game from scratch. At the end of the course, students will have the know-how to create high-end 3D games enabled for the Oculus Rift (a virtual reality head-mounted display) as well as for PCs and gaming consoles.
What’s more, this course does not require students to learn or know any computer coding. This is especially exciting (and revolutionary) as designers and creative personnel can now create complete games without the need for a coding specialist or knowledge of any programming language.
Oculus Rift (a Facebook company) has created enormous excitement worldwide with its Virtual Reality device. The Oculus device is at present only available to developers and is expected to be launched to consumers by early 2016.
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