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English Speaking Course in Chandigarh – Become a part of our English Speaking Institute to improve your Spoken English, Public Speaking skills, Personality Development and much more…

If you have trouble communicating in English (reading, writing and speaking) and if you feel weak and lack confidence among colleagues at work, friends at college or cousins then this is the right course for you. 


Students who have finished this English speaking course perform better at job interviews, excel at work and secure promotions faster, converse well and get more respect in social circles now. 

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Need English Speaking Course in Chandigarh?

Here and Come into the domain of Webtech Learning and enjoy a quality English speaking experience intended to fit your own special needs.

Webtech Learning is firm to make English learning more available through their institutes across Chandigarh. They have a diverse course for a range of different groups and personalized for each learner in order to procure fast and evident changes in one’s English speaking habits along with considerable improvement in one’s confidence, self-worth, body language etc.

Welcome to Web Tech Learning – English Speaking Institute

Webtech Learning – No.1 English speaking institute in Chandigarh. We follow a unique way of teaching and thus are the best spoken English institute in Chandigarh. We take the prerequisite based training module where we at first understand the student’s requirement in English speaking, their future plans and current fluency in English speaking. Based on all of the factors, our expert trainers create a customized course that helps a student achieve his/her language goals. We are the fruitful English Speaking Institute in Chandigarh and have successfully trained THOUSANDS of Individuals during our journey.

We are the Institute for English Speaking Classes in Chandigarh giving you the utmost result at the end. We will give you the assurance that the students at the end of the course would be very much fluent in speaking the language and would have the confidence which is required. Our experts work with every student and ensure to have them placed in a position they wish to see themselves in after taking the course.

English Speaking Course in Chandigarh from Web Tech Learning


At the Webtech Learning, there are two types of level introduced to the student. First is the initial and basic module course and the second is aimed at the advance module course. Even Spoken English Course is introduced so that the requirements of the learners can meet the job opportunities.

Spoken English Basic Level Course

This course is for those how can understand, read and write simple English, however, commit frequent grammatical errors. Vocabularies being exceptionally constrained they can’t express their thoughts by forming sentences leading to a very high level of hesitation while speaking.

  • Develop vocabulary for improved expression
  • Learn the application of correct grammar while writing and speaking
  • Improve reading skills
  • Ready to take participate in daily conversations; write & understand written text, make notes & understand most of the general meaning of lectures, meetings, TV programs

Spoken English Advanced Level Course

This course is best suited for those who can converse in simple English, however, are not confident while speaking. Their prospective being underdeveloped, they are forced to take long pauses while speaking on any subject.

  • Strengthen vocabulary
  • Strengthen concepts of Grammar with a particular focus on common mistakes we often make while writing or speaking in English
  • Improve your thought process in this way enhance public speaking abilities, for example, Presentation, Group Discussion, Extempore etc.
  • Due importance is given to improve nonverbal aspects of communication such as body-language, expressions etc.

Course Objective – English Speaking Course in Chandigarh

Upgrade Your English & Communication! At the end of this course, you will be able to speak English fluently & confidently. You will find yourself expressing confidently in day-to-day business interactions, meetings, interview, and presentations.

  • Frame grammatically correct sentences in English
  • Fluently speak English in any situations
  • Express yourself in groups of people confidently
  • Able to present your thoughts more effectively
  • Participate at higher levels in Group Discussions and meetings
  • Present yourself more confidently in personal interviews
  • Speak in Neutral Accent and furthermore get UK/US Accent
  • Communicate and express ideas/ recommendations/analysis in Business English using recent vocabulary and Corporate English
  • We Deliver successful presentations and enhance the quality of content in e-mails

Who should go for this Spoken English Course?

  • People who wish to speak fluent English. If you have modest written or spoken skills but lack vocabulary.
  • If you are able to speak English but find it difficult to have a longer conversation, this course will help you improve.
  • It will also help you achieve your future goals and you will be confident in Speaking English.

◊ Professionals ◊ Students ◊ Housewives ◊ Individuals ◊ Corporate

This is the English Speaking Course is for individuals who can understand, read and communicate in English and need to develop their command over different parts of spoken English – grammar, fluency, diction, vocabulary, letter-writing, sentence framing, public speaking, group discussions, presentations and email drafting.

Essential Tips to Speak Fluent English

  • 11 Tips to speak English fluently and confidently
  • How to improve body language
  • How to effective in Public Speaking
  • How to Develop Listening Skills
  • How to Develop Voice Quality
  • Power of Gestures and Postures in Body Language

Top 11 reasons to Learn Spoken English

  • English is spoken worldwide. Third largest spoken language in the world is English.
  • It is the second official language in India.
  • English is employer’s first choice. It opens the doors to several opportunities.
  • Many countries have English as their official language.
  • Speaking in English is essential, be it government or private jobs.
  • English provides you an access to knowledge and superior intellect.
  • All professional courses are in English; hence it is must to have a skill.
  • Some of the best universities and scholarships are accessible if you are good at English.
  • Traveling becomes easy with English. You will not face any challenge in communicating with locals in any part of the world.
  • With English, you can learn much another European language easily.
  • Knowing English gives you confidence and a sense of achievement.

Course Schedule and Duration for English Speaking Course


Our Main Centers – English Speaking Institutes

Top-ranked Institute for English Speaking Course in Chandigarh

  • IELTS Learning
  • Surbhi Academy
  • Chandigarh Academy

8 Compelling reasons to choose ‘Web Tech Learning’

  • English Speaking Course for students from Elementary to Advanced level.
  • Experienced and committed Trainers and support staff.
  • Teacher Training courses.
  • Professional English courses which are designed to equip students to achieve their career goals.
  • The wide range of part-time courses to cater to varied needs of the learners including Interview Skills, Personality Development, and Voice & Accent etc.
  • Provides, altered courses for particular groups and corporate programs.
  • Extremely encouraging and motivating environment.


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