ISTQB Certification Training in Chandigarh

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ISTQB Certification Training in Chandigarh – WebtechLearning – ISO Certified Institute provide the ISTQB Testing Certification Cours Training in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchakula.

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ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) Certification

ISTQB Certification Training in Chandigarh

The ISTQB is a software testing qualification certification organisation that operates internationally. Founded in Edinburgh in November 2002, ISTQB is a non-profit association legally registered in Belgium. ISTQB® Certified Tester is a standardized qualification for software testers and the certification is offered by the ISTQB .
The qualifications are based on a syllabus, and there is a hierarchy of qualifications and guidelines for accreditation and examination.

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Course Outline

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Testing

  • Why is Testing Necessary
  • What is Testing?
  • Seven Testing Principles
  • Fundamental Test Process
  • The Psychology of Testing
  • Code of Ethics

Chapter 2: Testing Throughout the Software Life Cycle

  • Software Development Models
  • Test Levels
  • Test Types
  • Maintenance Testing

Chapter 3: Static Techniques

  • Static Techniques and the Test Process
  • Review Process
  • Static Analysis by Tools

Chapter 4: Test Design Techniques

  • The Test Development Process
  • Categories of Test Design Techniques
  • Specification-based or Black-box Techniques
  • Structure-based or White-box Techniques
  • Experience-based Techniques
  • Choosing Test Techniques

Chapter 5: Test Management

  • Test Organization
  • Test Planning and Estimation
  • Test Progress Monitoring and Control
  • Configuration Management
  • Risk and Testing
  • Incident Management

Chapter 6: Tool Support for Testing

  • Types of Test Tools
  • Effective Use of Tools: Potential Benefits and Risks
  • Introducing a Tool into an Organization

Certification Advantages

  • Gain recognition for testing as an essential and professional software engineering specialization by industry
  • Obtain a standard framework for the development of testers’ careers
  • Become a professionally qualified testers to be recognized by employers, customers and peers, and raise the profile of testers
  • Promote consistent and good testing practice within all software engineering disciplines
  • Help in identification of testing topics that are relevant and of value to industry
  • To increase chances of software suppliers to hire and thereby gain commercial advantage over their competitors by advertising their tester recruitment policy
  • Add an opportunity for testers or those with an interest in testing to acquire an industry recognized qualification in the subject

The ISTQB® is a software testing qualification certification organisation having over 200 000 certifications issued; the ISTQB® consists of 47 member boards worldwide representing more than 71 countries Certification: Currently ISTQB® provides 4 levels of certification:

  • ISTQB Foundation Level
  • ISTQB Advance Level
    • Test Manager
    • Test Analyst
    • Technical Test Analyst
  • Expert Level
    • Improving the Test Process
    • Test Management
    • Test Automation (planned to be deployed in 2012)
    • Security Testing (planned to be deployed in 2012)

The Foundation Level examination:

  • The Foundation Level examinations shall be based on the Foundation Level syllabus.
  • Answers to examination questions may require the use of material from more than one section of this syllabus.
  • All learning objectives (on cognitive level K1 to K4) in the syllabus are examinable.

General Foundation Level Exam Structure:

  • The examination shall comprise 40 multiple-choice questions.
  • The number of points available in an examination is 40.
  • Each correctly answered question is worth one point
  • The time allowed for the examination is 60 minutes, if given in the candidate’s native language
  • If the candidate’s native language is not the examination language, the time allowed is 75 minutes

Passing Score:

  • A score of at least 65% (26 or more points) is required to pass.

We provide the full support  and guidance to clear the ISTQB foundation level examination.

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