node js training in chandigarh

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Webtech Learning provide the best training in Node.js and start building lightweight, real-time applications. Our interactive course will teach you the fast and scalable perks of Node.js.


Node Js Course Syllabus

  • Intro
  • Modules and NPM
  • Asynchronous Iteration
  • Advanced Buffers
  • Child Processes
  • Cryptography
  • TCP
  • HTTP
  • File-System
  • TLS
  • Event Emitter
  • Streams
  • How To Create an HTTPS Server
  • Using a Node.js HTTP Framework
  • Express.js
  • Flatiron.js
  • Socket.io
  • Using a relational database with Node.js


  • Learn Node.js Fundamental Classes
  • Learn about module management in Node.js
  • Networking with Node.js
  • Create HTTP Applications with Node.js
  • Integration with 3rd party services
  • Build Realtime Services with Node.js

Course Prerequisites

  • Intermediate Knowledge of JavaScript
  • Intermediate Programming Knowledge

Enroll this course : Call us: 09915337448
Mail at: surjeet@webtechlearning.com

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